PROFNIT Qualification

The Qualification Exam is mandatory for PROFNIT students.

In order to receive the qualification the student must enroll in the Qualification Examination discipline after completing and passing all compulsory subjects.

The Qualification Examination consists of the presentation of the Project for the Completion of the Course, respecting the guidelines of the Manual that summarizes the technical-scientific productions based on the Normative Ordinance MEC No. 17, of December 28, 2009, which deals with Masters Professionals and the Technis Qualis of CAPES.

The deadlines for enrolling in the NIT 21 curriculum component, taking the exam or the new exam, in case of disapproval, will follow the deadlines of the IAC of the Focal Point.

The student must have the supervisor of the Course Completion Work approved by the CAI from the Master Project Seminar, with the respective theme of the Course Conclusion Work Project.

In the Qualification Exam the student will make the presentation of the Project of Conclusion of the Course.

The choice of the Project for Completion of the PROFNIT Course is the responsibility of the student and his supervisor, but must be approved by the CAI.

The documents required for the homologation must be presented, completed and signed during the course NIT 20 – Seminar of Master Project and are:

Letter of consent from the Advisor;
Theme of the Course Completion Work – PROFNIT;
Conclusion Work Plan – PROFNIT;
For the qualification, the student must submit in the secretariat of the CAI 3 copies of the project, and the specific form provided by the program.

The examination committee of the qualification examination shall be indicated by the supervisor and approved by the CAI. It will be composed by the supervisor and two other members, according to the norms of the CAI.

CBT Guidance:

During the course PROFNIT20 – Master Project Seminar, the student must submit the signed and completed supervisor’s consent.

The supervisor should be an accredited teacher at PROFNIT, at the same Focal Point as the student. The co-advisor may be from another PROFNIT Focal Point or professional with a well-known knowledge of the subject, as long as it is approved by the CAI.

The Course Completion Work consists of:

Elaboration and forwarding of applications for intellectual property records, as well as deposit of free software in a recognized repository or obtaining alternative or flexible licenses for intellectual production, provided that it is demonstrated by the use by the academic community or by the productive sector;
Construction of technical-scientific database;
Development of instructional and instructional materials and applications and materials, processes and techniques;
Development of social technologies;
Production of media programs;
Elaboration of technical reports with rules of secrecy; manuals of technical operation, experimental protocol or technological adequacy;
Preparation of a report on the proposal or evaluation of institutional, public or public programs, projects and policies;
Elaboration of technical operation manuals, experimental or application protocol or technological adequacy;
Elaboration of technological innovation projects; application project or technological adequacy;
Development of innovation management processes;
Prototypes for development of specific equipment and products;
Curation of biological collections;
Elaboration of original articles and technological publications;
Dissertation (it should not be a single item);
Other formats, according to the nature of the area and the purpose of the course, at the discretion of CAPES;
The formatting of the TCCs must follow the ABNT standards. The total number of pages of the Introduction and Theoretical Reference of the research report should not exceed 40 (sum of the two).

Defense of TCC’s:

The defense must be held before the Examining Board, approved by the CAI. The candidate will have 30 minutes to present his work. After the presentation, the candidate will be indicted by the Examining Committee, with a maximum of 30 minutes for each member.

Post Defense:

The student will have, in accordance with each Focal Point, after the Defense, to deliver to the CAI Secretariat the definitive version of the TCC containing the modifications suggested by the Examining Committee. The final TCC must be delivered in number and format defined by the CAI and a digital copy in PDF, recorded on CD. The PDF version should be in a single file – following the same pattern as the printed TCC, that is, the page numbering should be viewed from the introduction. The approval sheet signed by the members of the bank must be in the “body” of the printed TCC and in the PDF version (scanned), according to the order established in the summary. The defense minutes will be delivered to the student, at the time of the final version’s posting. Association National Forum of Managers of Innovation and Technology Transfer. The issuance of a declaration of completion of the course, as well as the issuance of the Diploma, or linked to the delivery of copies of the final version in the CAI Secretariat and in accordance with the Institutional norms of the Focal Point.

Normative Resolution No. 18 / CC / 2017 was revoked at the Board of Trustees at a meeting held on March 21, 2019. As such, there is no longer a fine for late delivery of CBT in the BU of defenses made from 03/29/2019