Qualifying Examination

PROFNIT’s Qualifying Examination


The Qualifying Exam is mandatory for all PROFNIT students and it must be done until the end of the third semester of studies.

In order to take the qualifying exam, the student must enroll in the Qualifying Examination course after completing and passing all the required courses.

The Qualifying Exam consists of the presentation of the Final Paper, which is required for degree completion, respecting the guidelines for technical-scientific productions based on the Ordinance No. 17, of 28 December 2009, issued by the Ministry of Education to regulate professional master’s degrees.

To attend the exam, the student must have the supervisor of the Final Paper approved by the Institutional Academic Committee (CAI) and the National Academic Committee, with the respective theme of the Project.

The student must also submit, at least 15 days before the exam, by e-mail to the  CAI, an editable copy and a PDF copy of the Final Paper, as well as a copy of the specific form duly signed.

The Examination Committee shall be indicated by the supervisor and approved by the CAI. It will be composed of the supervisor and two other members (one from the PROFNIT and one holding a doctoral degree and having professional experience on the specific subject).


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