Has the couse been properly recognized/approved by MEC/CAPES?

Yes, the course was approved by CAPES in the CTC meeting held on June 18 and 19, 2015. The course has a score of 4(four).

Who is promoting the course: UFSC or FORTEC? In other words: will the diploma indicate which educational institution?

The course is an initiative of FORTEC, which brings together the 37 participating educational institutions. All academic aspects of the course, from enrollment to diploma issuance, are the responsibility of the 37 participating universities that are characterized as Focal Points. These institutions will issue diplomas, depending on the Focal Point chosen by the candidate.

Where will the classes of the course be held?

The classes will be taught at Block F – Socioeconomic Center (CSE)
On Thursdays and Fridays from 6:30 pm to 10 pm and on Saturdays from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm.

The course is a professional master’s degree, which by definition differs from the academic master’s degree. Is it for this reason that there is no selection stage for dissertation proposals? Will there be a dissertation as a requirement for obtaining the master’s degree?

The PROFNIT Master’s program is a professional program because it aims to equip its students with the necessary knowledge for immediate application in NITs or any other academic, governmental, third sector or business sectors related to intellectual property and technology transfer. The selection process is well described in the announcement and consists of two stages: a test with 20 multiple-choice questions (eliminatory) and a curriculum analysis. Project proposals will not be required. The definition of the theme of the Final Work of the Course will be agreed upon by the students and the supervisors after their enrollment, through a workshop with students and teachers. Obtaining the Master’s degree is subject to the elaboration/defense/approval of a Final Work of the Course. The content of this document will be defined by the student with the supervisor, and validated by the National Academic Committee until the 2nd semester of the course. Detailed information can be found in the announcement.(https://profnit.posgrad.ufsc.br/editais-2/)

Language proficiency for PROFNIT.

The National Access Exam for PROFNIT will not have any language proficiency tests. However, the student must demonstrate proficiency in the English language within twelve months of their enrollment date in PROFNIT .

Will this Master’s program only be offered this year or will there be calls every year from now on? If affirmative for other years, will the focal points always be the same?

The PROFNIT Master’s program is a regular stricto sensu course, with regular offerings at least once a year. Despite the possibility of expanding the course to other cities/institutions, the only authorized Focal Points to offer the course are those listed in the announcement.

I would like to know how an educational institution can become a Focal Point of PROFNIT.

PROFNIT must expand its activities through a national call for new teachers and institutions. Once the Call is published, it is expected that the institutions have Ph.D. teachers with scientific and technological production compatible with the requirements for the area and level of the course, as well as training courses in IP&TT (Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer).

How to prove certain experiences such as, for example, Professional practice directly related to the area of intellectual property, technology transfer, and innovation:

If you have worked in a company, government agency, or equivalent, simply present a copy of the employment contract with the designation of the position. If it is a self-employed professional activity, present evidence of services provided to clients, copies of processes, contracts, or equivalents.

The notice states that I must submit institutional or corporate statements. I have worked on innovation projects, but how can I prove that the projects I worked on were related to innovation? What information should be included in this statement to be accepted?

The statements should include the project execution deadlines, financiers, full project name, coordinators, role performed, etc. It is up to the Selection Committee to analyze this information.

Regarding the scoring of articles or book chapters published in journals in the area of intellectual property, technology transfer, and innovation: Indexed – 10 points/publication – Not indexed – 5 points/publication: A copy of the first page of the published work should be provided – the question is about which page should be considered the first page in the case of a book? In one of my publications, as there were several authors, my name does not appear on the cover or first page, but on the page dedicated to the authors.

In this case, to score the item, send copies of the cover, catalog card, table of contents, and the book chapter where your name appears as an author.

Considering that the workload of classes is identical in the different focal points, how can a much higher number of days of classes be explained in the institutions, in ANNEX 5 of the Call for Selection of Students – National Selection Entrance Examination?

The workload of compulsory and elective disciplines of PROFNIT will follow exactly the Curricular Matrix (https://profnit. org.br/matriz-curricular/) and the academic calendar, which contains the workload, is published on the site.